Commercial Law

In everyday practice, we help our clients to fulfil their visions and intentions. We prepare all types of contracts, agreements and other legal documents; we often resolve unusual business cases and offer optimum legal solutions. We create a legal dimension of company processes so that they effectively connect its customers and resources with the profits.


Real Estate

It makes no difference whether you need to form a telecommunications network, a network of branches, to implement a construction project or rent, buy or sell real estate. With regard to real estate, we are ready to provide the comprehensive legal services which your plans deserve.


Corporate Law

We help our clients find the optimum legal form of their business; we establish companies for them, represent them before the competent authorities with regard to all of the processes related to the establishment and incorporation of new entities; we assist in the incorporation of changes in companies, when arranging for and management of general meetings, upon mergers and acquisitions, transformations and other transformation of legal forms, and we notify the clients of related legal consequences.


Recovery of Claims

For us, the claim recovery process means setting cash flow rules in order to prevent claims from arising that require the involvement of a lawyer. If the prevention fails, we can take care of everything else in any phase of a claim recovery.


Dispute and Other Procedural Agenda Resolution

We successfully represent our clients in proceedings before courts, building authorities, tax authorities and other public authorities. Our long-term experience in the area of litigation ensures a very high success rate for our clients.


Insolvency and Restructuring

When your debtor tries to avoid paying invoices by requesting that insolvency be declared over its assets, you need legal assistance. We provide our clients with efficient legal assistance in legal relations related to insolvency and restructuring. Two of our lawyers are bankruptcy trustees and are ready to offer you qualified legal advice in this specific area of law.


Labour Law

We help clients to manage all of the numerous employer duties imposed by labour law. We provide legal services in relation to entering into employment agreements, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, entering into other agreements with employees, upon the termination of employment, collective redundancies and organizational changes within the company. We represent clients in proceedings pursued by labour inspectorates and in litigation, particularly litigation initiated as a result of the termination of employment.


Intellectual Property Law

When the added value of your company consists of the creation of programs, applications or other results of creative intellectual activities or if you wish to develop the identity of your company by clearly distinguishing it from competing companies, it makes sense to have things under control so that your uniqueness really remains yours.


Municipal Law

Thank to our long-term experience with the provision of legal services to municipalities and cities in the Slovak Republic, we can help these entities with legal solutions but also businessmen and individuals to enter into legal relations with municipalities and cities.


Administrative Law

If you have the time, interest and knowledge to work in this frequently dysfunctional system of public authorities, do not contact us. Otherwise, we are here to save you time and energy which are required in proceedings before authorities. Whether it related to representation before labour inspectorates or other state administration or self-governing authorities, we will be happy to help you.


Public Procurement and Register of Public Sector Partners

Our law firm also provides legal services in the area of public procurement and the register of public sector partners. We assist public authorities in establishing the legal framework of public procurement. We also help bidders to become successful bidders.


Civil Law

When you arrange for the living conditions for your family, you divorce, settle your property or resolve inheritance issues, it is good to have somebody who can help you in these life situations and understands them. Although, our legal services cost something, we believe that ensuring the best resolution of these issues is worth it.


Personal Data Protection and GDPR

Personal data protection is becoming an important topic which affects the activities of each businessman. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council which increases the level of protection of personal data and thereby expands the obligations of persons during the processing of personal data. Strict sanctions are imposed for the non-compliance with these obligations when handling personal data pursuant to the GDPR. Our law firm is ready to provide legal assistance regarding the implementation of these legislative changes into practice and the establishment of legitimate procedures within the internal policies of the company when processing and protecting personal data.