We create legal solutions.

We believe that there is an optimum solution for each ambitious challenge. We are ready to offer it to you. We also believe that the best solution can never be found within the text of the law; it must be always found in a broader context.

We Protect Your Values

Regardless of whether you need to protect your rights, freedom, company, money, real estate, know how, author’s work, dignity or another value, we are here to ensure that your legal protection is not only an entry in the collection of laws.

We Save You Time

Time is money. We constantly study the law so that you don’t have to. We like law, you don’t have to. Instead of studying the law or preparing legal documents, you can concentrate on what you like to do or what brings you benefits.

We Fight For You

When it is necessary to fight for your rights before courts, authorities, in business negotiations or other legal battlefields, you would probably agree that a lawyer is usually the decisive factor for the final result.

We Analyse and Optimise Risks

Law is a threat for the uninformed and an advantage for the knowledgeable. It is a benefit to know legal risks, especially before making an important decision. Since the legal system is not only complicated, but also frequently contradictory and dysfunctional, it is good to entrust a good real estimate of legal opportunities and risks to an experienced lawyer.

We Listen To You,

to better understand each other. In order to offer the optimum legal solution, we must first understand the client and the issue. And when we offer a solution, we try to provide it as clearly and simply as possible so that the client understands us.

We Do Things For You Which You Would Rather Let Others Do

Whether it regards communication with the counterparty’s lawyer or a former partner, with authorities or complicated modifications of legal texts, we will be happy to relieve you of such burdens.